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Adi Heyman is an NYC-based wife, mother, and fashion writer whose work has pioneered Jewish lifestyle in the cultural space. Recognized for her conversion to Orthodox Judaism and her conservative influence on the international fashion industry, Adi is a lover of Israel and advocate for Jewish millennials. Her dot-com and social media channels serve as a platform for ongoing projects with Israeli design, modest fashion and in support of the Jewish Life at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Adi's current work in ethical, transparent fashion now couples with her passion for religion and community empowerment.


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Jonathan Heyman is an entrepreneur, investor and activist. His start in healthcare management evolved into advocacy for industry transparency.  An early adopter of blockchain technology, Jonathan's driving mission is creating a future of trust in the world economy. He now finances startups and advises on projects like, a decentralized data market. Jonathan is passionate in his support of Jewish education and his investment in the Israeli marketplace with an emphasis on creating product within the land.