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  • The Open University of Israel is 1 of 9 universities recognized by the Israel Council for Higher Education (CHE).

  • In the 2018 academic year the OUI, together with The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, have begun a prestigious academic partnership for undergraduate studies in Computer Science within The Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Haredi Empowerment Program.

  • The OUI is the only Israeli university offering a package for an accredited degree which combines academic excellence and state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Over 600 courses are currently offered to OUI students, on prestigious and diverse degree tracks.

  • Over 46,000 students are currently enrolled, making the OUI the largest university in Israel.

  • The OUI is the only university where soldiers and officers on active duty are permitted by the IDF to pursue their academic aspirations while they serve.

  • OUI programs are complemented with online, live feed learning, recorded lectures, and additional internet tools and applications tailored to course websites.

  • The OUI package provides access to high level university education in face-to-face classrooms at close to 70 campuses and learning centers throughout Israel.

  • The OUI allows each student to set his or her own pace for completing a degree, an important feature for those working full time while pursuing their studies.

  • OUI workshops in computer applications, mathematics, study skills, and English for academic purposes are offered, if necessary, upon enrollment, and simultaneously with students' first academic courses.

  • The OUI is authorized by the Ministry of Education to offer gifted and excelling high school students academic credits.

  • The OUI publishing house produces more course textbooks than any other press in Israel. The books reflect collaboration among scholars from all Israeli universities, and are thus widely used.

  • Acceptance of OUI graduates to the world's finest universities for higher degrees attests to the quality of OUI education.

  • International committees convened by the Israel Council for Higher Education have rated OUI programs on a par with European and U.S. academic programs.

  • Israeli employers recognize the value of an OUI degree as an indication of academic achievement as well as fine-tuned time management skills.